Morri Bigdeli


Morri is Camera Operator, Documentary shooter, Traveller, TimeLapse maker and Landscape photographer. In 1997, I studied Cinematography and Photography in Iranian Young Cinema Society in Mashhad. Since 1999, I started working in film and television industry in Iran. I have worked and participated in 15 feature films and also I have done 25 documentaries and television shows. In August 2007, I began working on my first drama feature movie as a director and writer which is called “Behind the gate of history “the length of this film is 75 minutes” In March 2009, my film was shown at Cape Winelands Film Festival in South Africa, The most interesting part of cinematography to me is taking and displaying the natural flow of life in all my shots and frames. The world around us is always in transition, I record the unique moment that will never be repeated again. The camera’s viewfinder opens a different world onto a photographer’s eyes, a World that other people cannot see…